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We love Halloween!!!


As children, who didn't challenge our friends to go up to the "haunted house" in the neighborhood and knock on the door? Remember daring each other to go into the graveyard at night? Watching that scary movie you were too young for, then having nightmares, checking under the bed, and sleeping with the lights on?


Our group of family, friends and volunteers took these memories and brought them to the Northwoods to share with everyone.  Starting out of our own home in 2013, we've grown little by little thanks to the overwhelming support of the community. Sprecksel Slaughterhouse has become a "must do" when the leaves change colors and jack-o-lanterns adorn front porches.


A truly flexible experience for all ages. We purposely start earlier to give younger fans some daylight for a less scary experience. But when darkness falls, all bets are off, we're coming for you. 


We love Halloween, and hope to spend it with you!!!

- Gene Sprecksel


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